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Hastilude is a sci-fi fantasy combat game for 1–4 players where knights knock each other off of their flying mounts then swoop in for the knockout. Players clash across multiple locations using a variety of characters, items, and special abilities. Take control of the arena by deflecting attacks back at adversaries, learning how to use power-ups, and stealing your opponents' rides!


  • Three characters (Volstarr, Korbus, Capra) each 90% complete
  • Two versus modes, Eliminator and Melee with match options for each
  • Three completed environments (Cerisian Coast, Sanctuary, Test Chamber) with a number of arenas for each. Wildwood is still in very early dev.
  • Seven items (Shield, Burst, Nova, Air Mine, Plasma, Translocator, Speed)
  • Match Mods added
  • Basic menus including Options, Credits, and a Tutorial
  • Gif Recording options for end of matches
  • AI is extremely early but playable in most cases
  • End of match badges and stat tracking partially finished
  • Two music tracks and most sounds are in place

Have fun!


Keyboards and most modern controllers supported, click here for a full list. Default Xbox bindings are shown below but buttons are mapped accordingly for comparable devices.

  • A - Jump
  • B - Use item
  • X - Melee attack
  • X (hold) - Charge Melee
  • Y (mounted) - Dismount
  • RB - Projectile
  • LB - Super modifier


In Hastilude every player spawns on a flying mount. You fly around aiming to knock your opponents off their mounts and swoop in for the score while they're vulnerable on foot. Be careful though, dismounted knights have a few tricks up their sleeves including the ability to use teleporters (press down), jump pads, headstomp opponents, and steal other mounts!

Be sure to keep an eye out for items spawning during a match. These are powerful and can be used for both offensive and defensive actions. Once you pick one up be sure to use it quickly — you can only hold one at a time and it will drop if you're knocked out.

Besides a basic attack, all knights also have a charged melee and a unique projectile that can be fired in any direction. Watch out for rival knights sending shots back at you since as all projectiles in Hastilude can be attacked and deflected in any direction. Some items like Plasma can also be aimed and deflected just like standard projectiles.

There's also a Super Meter than can be burned to modify all of your attacks and item usage. Make the most of your arsenal to counter your opponent!

Hastilude contains a combination of screen-wrapped and dynamic camera arenas. With screen-wrapped locations like Cerisian Coast you'll need to be careful of offscreen attacks and explosions and use the space to your advantage. Set up traps!


Ghost Crab Games is Chris Hoopes (Programming, Design) and Dustin Twilley (Art, Animation, Design)

Music by Adam Nash


Press Kit


  • May the press request copies of the game? : YES, contact us at info@ghostcrabgames.com
  • Do I have permission to monetize videos with Hastilude content? : YES


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